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Mary Shelley and Parallels Novels, are they parallels of the authors lives’? The story of Frankenstein is the first articulation of a woman’s experience of pregnancy and related fears. Mary Shelly, in the development and education of the monster, discusses child development and education and how nurturing of a loving parent is extremely important in the moral development of an individual. Thus, in Frankenstein, Mary Shelley examines her own fears and thoughts about pregnancy, childbirth, and child development; hence a link between her and the novel is created. Pregnancy, childbirth, as well as death, played an integral role in the young adult life of Mary Shelley. She mothered four children a miscarriage that almost lead to her death, all before the age of twenty-five. Only one of her children, Percy Florence, survived to adulthood and outlived her. In June of 1816, when she had the waking nightmare, which became the catalyst of the tale, she was only nineteen and had already had her first two children. Her first child, Clara, was born prematurely February 22, 1815 and died March 6. Mary, as any woman would be, was devastated by this and took a long time to recover. The following is a letter that was written by Mary to her friend Hogg the day that the baby died. 6 March 1815 My dearest Hogg my baby is dead – will you come to see me as soon as you can – I wish to see you – It was perfectly well when I went to bed – I awoke in the night to give it suck it appeared to be sleeping so quietly that I would not wake it – it was dead then but we did out find out till morning – from its appearance it evidently died from convulsions – Will you come – you are so calm a creature and Shelley is afraid of a fever from the milk – for I am no longer a mother now Mary What is informative and devastating about this letter is that Mary turned to Hogg because Percy was so unsupportive. Actually Percy didn’t really seem to care that the child was dead and even went out with Claire, leaving Mary alone to suffer in her grief. William, Mary’s second child, was born January 24, 1816. (William died of malaria June7, 1819.) Subsequently, at the time that Mary conceived of the story, her first child had died and her second was only 6 months old.

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Consequences of Successful Business Essay

Consequences of successful business vs unsuccessful business: Linking business success to management The success of a business is based on the quality, the education and the experience of management. Experience is necessary in order to make the right decisions and education leads to higher quality of performance. Quality decisions and performances contribute to the achievement of the business objectives and goals. All these success factors enhance the strengths of the business, which makes it more competitive in the marketplace. Let’s have a look at two similar businesses, a successful one, KFC, and an unsuccessful one, Mochachos’ Chicken Villages and we can see how applying quality relates to some business functions. 1. Business Image or Public Relations Function The main objective of the PR function is to present a good impression of the business because customers associate the business image with the product. So the KFC chicken with the secret recipe is what the customers see as the company. If they are happy with the chicken they are happy with the company, KFC as a whole. KFC is a large business with lots of money to spend on the appearance of the stores, advertising, presentation of meals like the boxes etc and even dressing their staff is nice eye catching uniforms. Another good PR method is direct contact where staff members come into contact with orphanages, hospitals and schools. KFC makes sure that the media are informed so that they receive publicity about their good deeds. Mochachos’ Chicken Villages on the other hand didn’t have a lot of money at their disposal for image which put them at a disadvantage. Because Mochachos Chicken Villages didn’t have the look of a well established company with large corporate offices, big expensive advertising, and the customers associated that with their ability to provide good food. They did nothing in the community and got bad publicity when things started to go wrong at the stores. 2. Product Quality and Operations Function Improvement in quality is achieved with the advancing in manufacturing technology. The company has to keep up with the times and do constant reassess of future production requirements KFC are always bringing out new kinds of chicken for us to eat. There are strips, pops, burgers and even boneless chicken. They are improving their technology all the time. An example is the grilled KFC chicken you get today. They have realized that customers are also trying to eat a little healthier and they have developed new technology to grill the chicken instead of frying it but always keeping the quality high. Mochachos’ Chicken Villages have stuck to one or a few products. Not bringing in anything new or keeping up with the latest on the market. And this could lead to a lack of interest from the public and eventually bad quality of the food. 3. Quality Human Resources Function Appoint employees that have the abilities and experience to obtain results. KFC have the resources to spend time and money on training the staff as well as training the managers. They have the money to pay the employees what they are worth. Happy workers equal more productive workers. They hire the correct people for the job and outsource certain required services such as IT specialists to keep their till systems working properly. Organisation and leadership are also a successful part of the KFC staff. Mochachos’ Chicken Villages have perhaps cut costs and employed inexperienced staff that don’t have the abilities to provide a good service to the customers therefore making it more difficult to get the results they wanted. The management haven’t been trained properly and that reflects on the company as a whole. 4. Quality Administration Function Administration is spread throughout the entire company and this need s to be  of the highest quality for all systems to work and eventually for the management to make the correct decisions. KFC have the correct systems in place from their production lines to the delivery of good to the systems in the stores. All documentation is done correctly and all systems are in place and check. Policies and procedures are followed to the last detail such as the cleaners noting down the time they have cleaned. Stock control is an ongoing process. All the information collected is used for research and development, planning, projecting and budgeting ahead and also steps are taken to make sure the right decisions are made for the goals of KFC to be achieved. Mochachos’ Chicken Villages didn’t have all the policies and procedures in place. They made incorrect decisions regarding renting new space to operate in. They didn’t analyse their customer’s needs, they didn’t project future sales or work out the financial position of the business. The most important thing is that Mochachos’ Chicken Villages didn’t remain sustainable in today’s competitive business world. 5. Quality and Healthy Financial Function This function is concern with raising enough capital to finance the business’s assets, resources and services to operate properly. The financial manager must make sure that the business can make enough money to cover the cost of raising the capital. KFC have done budgeting which is the most important mechanism for financial control. KFC have many stores and many investors, properties and equipment which all forms part of making the business financially stable. Mochachos’ Chicken Villages didn’t have enough investors buying into the franchising concept and then the expenses eventually became more than the income, this showing a lack of financial planning, budgeting and control. They had no investors and that meant no security that the business would remain sustainable or too much of the owners capital was required. In conclusion: Good managers will ensure successful business results because it will ensure that customer needs are satisfied. As the saying goes â€Å"Good managers are trained, not born.† Hardly anyone is born a good manager. Almost all of them have learnt it. And the good thing is that it can be learnt. Plenty have done it. And so can you. Learning to be an excellent manager requires education, training and experience. You can’t skimp on any one of them†¦..it takes all three.

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Analyzing My Self Reflective Essay - 1165 Words

In reviewing my self-reflective essay from my Introduction to English Studies I have surmised that I have changed quite a bit, in terms of what should be considered as literature and a part of literary studies. My previous idea of literature was largely shaped by the texts I had read in high school and the more â€Å"archaic† courses reviewing Shakespeare, Milton, and Chaucer. As I began to explore other classes I was able to create a new definition. The most encompassing perspective was gained in my Theories of Rhetoric and Writing course. Here, my colleagues and I formed the idea that literature is any intellectual piece that is rooted in substantial research. Since this course, I have included 5th century BC philosophers, psychiatric journals, and collegiate papers all worth literary recognition. Therefore, literary studies is a comprehensive analysis of various texts through a number of given resources. And it is through Advanced Composition, Creative Writing, American Poe try, and Foundations of Literary Criticism where I have experienced substantial growth and development.I have included a number of my experimental and analytic works to demonstrate my achievement in broadening my awareness and understanding of literary studies as well as my growth as a creative writer and an engaged participant in academic conversations. In particular, I recall my strong interest in the topics discussed in my Advanced Composition 321 course, as well as my need to express my opinions inShow MoreRelatedI Am Pursuing Nursing As A Profession873 Words   |  4 PagesReflective practice is a regulatory requisite that  ¬future nurses, such as myself should undertake in order to be able to conduct proper care towards patients. It is also the capacity to reflect on ones action to engage in a process of constant learning by using a range of strategies in orders to expand my knowledge. This essay will divulge in my reflection as to why I am pursuing nursing as a profession as well as describe and expound on how reflective practice will aid future nurses. I will beginRead MoreReflection Of A Reflection On Academic Skills1043 Words   |  5 Pagesof the good and bad quality within yourself. Taking action of the weaknesses and developing my skills to improve myself around everyone, (Stadter, 2015). Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988), a framework for students to resolve problems in assignments, step by step, I will reflect on my own problems, (UK Essays, 2013). My previous goal was to study in a university and now that I have accomplished that goal, my next goal is to complete the course with a good grade. But the reality of achieving the FoundationRead MoreReflective Essay774 Words   |  4 PagesReflective Essay In developing my reflective essay I have used two entries from my journal and also the effect the course becoming a teacher has had on me personally. The theme chosen after closely analyzing the course on a whole is ‘Learning and experience.’ Majority can relate to the slang; â€Å"we learn from our experience.† What is learning? Learning can be defined as the process whereby behaviour is changed as a result of experience, (Matalon 2000). Learning occurs when experience cause a relativelyRead MoreReflective Reflection748 Words   |  3 Pagesreflecting on completed essays has allowed me to analyze the development of my writing over the semester. Although this semester consisted of only five essays, it has become apparent to me that my writing has improved in many aspects throughout the semester. One general example of this improvement is the vocabulary, where simple vocabulary in the first essay had become more complex by the final essays. Additionally, I also believe that my writing has become more reflective of my actual voice and opinionsRead MoreCritical Reflection In Nursing1335 Words   |  6 Pagessimilar error. Reflective practice can help to learn from their mistakes, be empowered and most importantly to deliver best possible care to patient as nurses must work closely with their patients to develop a therapeutic relationship. Critical reflection is a valuable skill to ensure patient centred care. This practice promotes personal development by enhancing students’ self-awareness, their sense of community, and their sense of their own capacities for safe care practice. This essay will reflectRead MoreMy Teaching Toolbox.. Educ 6513: Teaching Adult Learners.1101 Words   |  5 Pages My Teaching Toolbox. EDUC 6513: Teaching Adult Learners Mohamed Faizalla Yorkville University February 19, 2017 â€Æ' My Teaching Toolbox My understanding of skillful teaching has been formed through my practical teaching experience, and further developed as a master of education student who has the advantage of learning and discussing the most recent literature about education and methodology. I found that I completely agree with, Brookfield’s explanation and understanding of skillfulRead MoreReflective Essay : Reflective Introduction1682 Words   |  7 PagesReflective Introduction Transferring What I Know Reflecting back on my experiences from my Writing 39C (and Writing 39B) class, I can acknowledge the changes and evolution in myself as a writer. In my Week 1 Self-Assessment, which was written at the beginning of the Writing 39C course in reflection to Writing 39B, I mentioned that one of my central strategies in my writing process is focusing on the pre-writing. My pre-writing process includes strategies such as brainstorming and outlining. I mentionedRead MoreThe Task Based Language Teaching Approach1673 Words   |  7 PagesMy reflective autobiography By Lun Peng (Gloria) 1. Introduction The Task-Based Language Teaching Approach (TBLT) has been China’s promoted teaching method since 2001. As a novice teacher, I used a standard process which I learned from a mandatory training course on TBLT organized by teacher educators in Beijing, China. During the first two months of adapting TBLT into my teaching, I came across three major challenges: unmotivated students, little acquisition of forms and individual differences betweenRead MoreReflection About Education In China1077 Words   |  5 Pagesor touched. But education obviously has a huge impact on our individual, society, nation, and all aspects of our lives. I am a student from China. I think the understanding of education is very different under different cultures. In this essay, I will combine my educational experience in China and the learning experience in module 1 to objectively analyze education from different perspectives. And Ill explain what Ive changed in understanding and thinking about education in module1s learning processRead MoreEssay on Personal Narrative: My Experiences with Learning Processes1386 Words   |  6 Pagesand weaknesses, develop action plans. Learning styles lead to self development. Self-development is basically personal development. It is about improving personal knowledge, skills and performance. And personal development is only possible if someone completes the learning cycle. The supervised work experience was for the students to experience their theoretical knowledge into practical work. This training has also helped me in knowing my strengths and weakness. SWE is very important for any hospitality

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How to Understand Shakespeares Words

For many, language is the biggest barrier to understanding Shakespeare. Perfectly competent performers can be paralyzed with fear when they see bizarre words like â€Å"Methinks† and â€Å"Peradventure† – something we call Shakespearaphobia. As a way of trying to counter this natural anxiety, we often begin by telling new students or performers that speaking Shakespeare aloud isn’t like learning a new language –it’s more like listening to a strong accent and your ear soon adjusts to the new dialect. Very soon you are able to understand most of what is said. Even if you are confused about some words and phrases, you should still be able to pick up meaning from the context and the visual signals you receive from the speaker. Watch how quickly children pick up accents and new language when on holiday. This is evidence of how adaptable we are to new ways of speaking. The same is true of Shakespeare and the best antidote for Shakespearaphobia is to sit back, relax and listen to the text spoken and performed. Modern Translations at a Glance Here are modern translations of the top 10 most common Shakespearian words and phrases. Thee, Thou, Thy and Thine (You and Your) It’s a common myth that Shakespeare never uses the words â€Å"you† and â€Å"your† – actually, these words are commonplace in his plays. However, he also uses the words â€Å"thee / thou† instead of â€Å"you† and the word â€Å"thy / thine† instead of â€Å"your†. Sometimes he uses both â€Å"you† and â€Å"thy† in the same speech. This is simply because in Tudor England the older generation said â€Å"thee† and â€Å"thy† to denote a status or reverence for authority. Therefore when addressing a king the older â€Å"thou† and â€Å"thy† would be used, leaving the newer â€Å"you† and â€Å"your† for more informal occasions. Soon after Shakespeare’s lifetime, the older form passed away!Art (Are) The same is true of â€Å"art†, meaning â€Å"are†. So a sentence beginning â€Å"thou art† simply means †Å"You are†.Ay (Yes) â€Å"Ay† simply means â€Å"yes†. So, â€Å"Ay, My Lady† simply means â€Å"Yes, My Lady.†Would (Wish) Although the word â€Å"wish† does appear in Shakespeare, like when Romeo says â€Å"I wish I were a cheek upon that hand,† we often find â€Å"would† used instead. For example, â€Å"I would I were †¦Ã¢â‚¬  means â€Å"I wish I were†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Give Me Leave To (Allow Me To) â€Å"To give me leave to†, simply means â€Å"To allow me to†.Alas (Unfortunately) â€Å"Alas† is a very common word that isn’t used today. It simply means â€Å"unfortunately†, but in modern English, there isn’t an exact equivalent.Adieu (Goodbye) â€Å"Adieu† simply means â€Å"Goodbye†.Sirrah (Sir) â€Å"Sirrah† means â€Å"Sir† or â€Å"Mister†.-eth Sometimes the endings of Shakespearian words sound alien even though the root of the word is famil iar. For example â€Å"speaketh† simply means â€Å"speak† and â€Å"sayeth† means â€Å"say†.Don’t, Do, and Did A key absence from Shakespearian English is â€Å"don’t†. This word simply wasn’t around then. So, if you said â€Å"don’t be afraid† to a friend in Tudor England, you would have said, â€Å"be not afeard.† Where today we would say â€Å"don’t hurt me,† Shakespeare would have said, â€Å"hurt me not.† The words â€Å"do† and â€Å"did† were also uncommon, so rather than saying â€Å"what did he look like?† Shakespeare would have said, â€Å"what looked he like?† And instead of â€Å"did she stay long?† Shakespeare would have said, â€Å"stayed she long?† This difference accounts for the unfamiliar word order in some Shakespearian sentences. It is important to note that when Shakespeare was alive, language was in a state of flux and many modern words were being integrated into the language for the first time. Shakespeare himself coined many new words and phrases. Shakespeare’s language is, therefore, a mixture of the old and the new.

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Business Plan 1 - 2042 Words

Glamorous Salon Glamorous Salon ?! Glamorous means an air of compelling charm , romance and Excitement . The quality of fascinating , alluring or attracting especially by a combination of charm and good looks . Glamorous , was a term applied to a magical-occult spell that was cast on somebody to make them see something the spell-caster wished them to see . Like when you come and try our services , you can spell out what do you want to make our employees for you , and after you told them , they can make the magical spell , the better services , for you to become much better . Description of Business Glamorous Salon , this is a cosmetic salon and has a lot of services and all the services you need is here in our salon . I named it†¦show more content†¦Offer a better consultation because there are customers who knows the exact things that they want you to do with them and before we begin our services we talk to them and learn about what their wanted to do with them . Be Friendly , while our customers is in our salon , we starting a conversation with them to learn about what their likes and dislikes about hair and beauty services . And lastly we can make suggestion and offer some tips to show in our customers that we really care about them . And with that simple steps that we can do to our customers we assure that they would come back to our salon . We satisfied them by our services that all of the customer’s needs will be given , we give all their wants us to do with them with affordable costs that they can enjoy the services of the salon and to make them much bet ter . Competition Competitors around the Glamorous Salon are the Nature Secret Beauty Salon , Cutie Care Hair Salon and the Lovely Salon . And here are the products of their Salons , Nature Secret Beauty Salon(facials , hair treatment , hair coloring , hair cutting) the Cutie Care Hair Salon(hair cutting , hair treatment and hair coloring(more on hair)) and the Lovely Salon(facials , hair treatment , hair coloring , manicure) Competitors’ Strength amp; Weaknesses Strengths | Weaknesses | * Use Herbal Products | * Higher Prices for services.Show MoreRelatedBusiness 475 Strategic Plan 11493 Words   |  6 Pagesa much more complicated challenge. The idea of sustainability is discussed often, yet broad scope ideas are traded without specific details and applications. Team B Consultants Inc. (TBCI), is the leading consulting firm hired to perform current business practice audits, which they analyze to gain an understanding of the functionality of specific processes, how to implement chang es, and which will be most effective. Air Emission Controls Upon review of the Riordan Manufacturing (Riordan)Read MoreStrategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business2175 Words   |  9 PagesStrategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business 1 Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business BUS/475 - Integrated Business Topics Michael Portillo August 29, 2011 Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business 2 GPS Marketing is a marketing company that specializes in getting qualified guaranteed prospects to see in front of independent insurance agents. GPS actually stands for â€Å"Guaranteed Prospects to See†. GPS Marketing guarantees every agent that comes aboard withRead MoreSuccess And Failure Of Im Management1385 Words   |  6 Pages â€Æ' Success and Failure in IM management 1 IM PROFESSIONAL PROFILE After graduating from Syracuse University, I aspire to become a Project Manager. I have chosen this particular professional profile since I have a work-ex of almost 3.7 years of IT behind me that helped me to understand how project management works. I was fascinated with the team dynamics that take place and leading a team of 4 people in my work place honed my technical skills as well. I am confident that I will be able to take chargeRead MoreStrategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Essay1287 Words   |  6 PagesStrategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Strategic planning is critical to the success of any business, especially new emerging ones. â€Å"Once a firm has committed itself to a particular strategy, its image and competitive advantages usually are tied to that Strategy†(Pearce amp; Robinson, 2009, P. 3). This strategic plan will map out the path for Bentley IT Services. The definition of the business and customers is evident in the missionRead MoreStrategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Essay1245 Words   |  5 PagesStrategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business BUS 475 University of Phoenix March 18, 2013 Strategic plan part 1: Conceptualizing a business When conceptualizing a business it is important to make sure to create a high quality strategic plan. This plan will help to detail a company’s vision, mission, values, goals, and direction that will be desired once the company has been started. When deciding to start a new companyRead More10 Ways For Make More Money Essay1160 Words   |  5 Pages10 Ways to Make More Money in Business By Chet Holcomb | Submitted On October 12, 2005 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Don t you just love Paul Simon? The lyrics to his songs are not only pleasing toRead MoreMarketing Plan For Asian Food Catering1270 Words   |  6 PagesCompany Description Paper The business planning process is a very critical part of a business, in order for a business to be productive and successful in the end. There is no easy way to get around business planning because as a business owner you have to always use strategies that is going to work for your business and not against your business. I have always had that taste of love for Asian food and I have been to a few different events in the past through-out the United States that I have seenRead MoreStrategic Report On Strategic Information System Planning Essay1333 Words   |  6 Pagesalliance s Information System masterminding ought to be changed by general business thinking, and occasionally may even change into a making wellspring of high ground. While anybody can t avoid denying this, operations alliance examiners are for the most part beginning to concentrate how this system happens and what the quantifiable inspirations driving interest are. An issue under examination is the path by which a ma ker s business strategy, depicted as either market centered or operations centeredRead MoreCase Study Mr.Dees Essay1721 Words   |  7 PagesModel, he focused on ensuring all the workers know what what is expected of them. That means that he shows a high level of self awareness† * When Mr.Dee was working for Agri, he made a business plan for Mr.Steven who wants to buy The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. He did not just want to sell this plan, he wants to explain to members that they can emotionally involved. At first he applied the forming and storming stages of team building in order to be more acceptable. Then he applied the normingRead MoreInternal Risk Assessment - Home Depot1552 Words   |  7 Pagesonline auction site eBay stated, â€Å"A business leader has to keep their organization focused on the mission. That sounds easy, but it can be tremendously challenging in today s competitive and ever-changing business environment. A leader also has to motivate potential partners to join† (Whitman, n.d.). These wise words expressed from a wise and highly successful business leader speak soundly in relation to motivating employees and a sustaining a competitive business advantage. Along with a competitive

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Care Plan for Mr Edward Teo NUR341 Case Study - Nursing Care

Question: Describe the Care Plan for Mr Edward Teo NUR341 Case Study . Answer: PROBLEM/ISSUE GOAL OF CARE NURSING INTERVENTIONS EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE RATIONALE REFERAL WITH RATIONALE ISSUE ONE The risk of falls can be an issue for Mr Teo. He lives alone and has no one to take care of him since 2015. Mr. Jones suffer from OA (Osteoarthritis), which results in cartilage erosion and increases the risk of falls. The first nursing goal would be to reduce the risk of falls. However according to the healthy habits and personal safety assessment it has been found that patient has moderate healthy habits and little concern about personal safety, but not as much as required. There are various reasons that can affect the safety of an individual and can increase the risk of falls. He has problem in his knees and finds it difficult to use toilet. He also finds difficulty in going up and down the steps. The goal will focus on reducing the risk of falls Falls are considered as the major safety risk for older adults. The risk of falls can be determined by the use of tool called as Fall Risk Assessment (El Miedany et al, 2011). Evidences indicate that at least 30% to 40% older adults experience at least one severe fall in one year. Thus it becomes very important to reduce the risk of serious falls. According to the study of El Miedany et al (2011), Fall Risk Assessment Tools can help in predicting the risk of falls and risk of sustaining the fall can also be predicted. Allied Health Support services of CHSP help patient to receive occupational therapy and physiotherapy. This can help to strengthen his muscles and reduce risk of falls. To reduce falls risk Mr. Jones can also use home maintenance and modification service in his home (Commonwealth Home Support Programme, 2015). Reducing the chances of falls by considering the internal and external factors of the clients living environment. Internal factors includes the internal physical condition of patient that can cause falls and external factors include any history of fall, clients safety measures and any kind of unsafe furniture or tools at home. Evidence based studies show that 25% of the falls in older patient cause severe injuries. These injuries can include fractures in skull, fracture in limbs, spinal cord injuries and also internal bleeding. Ensuring safe environment for the older people reduce chances of severe fall injuries. Educating the client about reducing the risk of falls is very important. Thus, this intervention would be educating Mr. Toe about avoiding incidence of falls. Education will include importance of exercise and how to cope with falls (Burton et al, 2015). Educating the patient, will help him to be aware of the situation that can result in falls and to avoid such situations (Burton et al, 2015). Encouraging client for more physical activities and social interactions. Physical activities help in strengthening the muscles, and also improve coordination and balance (Haines et al, 2011). ISSUE TWO Imbalanced nutrition intake can be a major issue for the client. Mr. Jones has recently lost weight. Imbalance nutrition intake can increase the risk of falls, muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass, deficiency of proteins and calories and hampered daily activities. The goal of care will focus on balancing nutrition intake by Mr. Jones by evaluating his daily diet and balancing the daily intake of nutrients to maintain mobility, reduce fall risks, increased intake of vitamins and proteins and balance fluid intake. Mr. Jones will be informed about importance of nutritional diet and regular intake of appropriate amount of proteins and calories. According to evidence based study of Ahmed, Haboubi (2010), nutrition serves as the very essential element of good health in older adults. Food services are offered by CHSP. This helps people, who are unable to make appropriate food for them and do shopping for food. Through this service, Mr. Jones can have nutritional food prepared for him and get stored (Commonwealth Home Support Programme, 2015). Recording the dietary intake for over the period of seven days. According to the study og Murad et al, (2011) increased vitamin D intake can reduce the risk of falls. Dietary intake over the period of 7 days can inform about the patients consumption of nutrients. It is because unintentional weight loss is a serious problem for older adults and can also result in significant morbidities and mortality (Ahmed, Haboubi, 2010). Implementing comprehensive nutritional plan with continuous monitoring. This is very important for providing high quality care to the client and improving the quality of life. Taking assistance from the dietician, to prepare and apply nutritional plan for client and will also encourage client to adhere to nutritional plan. Clients adherence to nutritional plan is very important for balanced intake of nutrients. Since Mr. Jones is living alone and cooks for himself only, so encouraging him to take healthier food will be helpful. ISSUE THREE Acute pain can be another issue for Mr. Jones. Due to bilateral writs and Total knee replacement he may suffer from pain and sleeplessness. The goal of care will focus on relieved and controlled pain. Patient must be able to relax and take rest. Goal is also to ensure Mr. Jones must be able to take appropriate sleep. Client must be able to use relaxation skills, diversional activities and must be able to cope with pain. Mr. Jones do not use CPM devices in home and is only dependent on furniture for support. The intervention will include accessing the information about pain. It will include identifying the location of pain, duration of pain as well as intensity of pain. Reducing muscle spam and applying appropriate nursing care plan can only be effectively applied by monitoring the pain and condition of patient. Nursing care of CHSP service can be utilized to manage acute pain (Commonwealth Home Support Programme, 2015). Encouraging client to use comfort measures, and stress management techniques. Encourage client to involve in physical therapies to relieve pain. Comfort measures and stress management techniques help in promoting self control. It will also help client in enhancing coping skills. Comfort measures will help in reducing pain and intensity of pain. Investigating the patients condition for severe joint and muscle spams. Any other problems associated with mobility and sudden pains will be evaluated (Makris et al, 2014). Evaluating and identifying the forms and places of pain is very important for the early recognition of any other developing physical problem or co-morbidities. This will also allow the healthcare professionals to prevent serious health issues (Makris et al, 2014). Encouraging client for physical exercise, walks, and physical therapy and CPM devices. This will help client to increase mobility. It will also enhance blood circulation in the body. Exercise will also reduce joint stiffness and relieves muscle spams (Makris et al, 2014). ISSUE FOUR Lack of social and family support is a very big issue for the healthcare of Mr. Jones. He does not have any family member to take care and lives an independent life. Lack of support also results in cognitive and behavioural issues and emotional distress. The goal of care is to encourage client for working towards receiving social support and work well with coping strategies. For the holistic care and well-being of the client, social and emotional support is very essential. Patient suffers from OA and TKR, which requires social and psychological support. Goal will include identification and mobilization of the social support resources, modifying cognitive impediments and developing supportive relationships. First intervention would be to encourage client to participate in social activities, treatment sessions and becoming active in social networks. Participating in social activities and becoming active in social networks encourages confidence in individuals. They build a sense of support and emotional support as well. The patient can be benefitted with Social Support services provided by CHSP. This programme includes home based services to the patients and provides required support (Commonwealth Home Support Programme, 2015). Establishing therapeutic relationships with client. Maintaining rapport and forming therapeutic relationships with Mr. Jones is important. The empathetic and supportive way of the nursing professionals develops a strong sense of emotional support in older patients, who live alone. The mental health issues are found in older patient, who have lack of emotional support. Thus, nurse can provide support to patient and encourage level of functioning (Wills Ainette, 2012). Mr. Jones complained that he often gets bored due to loneliness, and also state about memory problems. Thus, intervention would be to assist Mr. Jones in joining different communities. Mr. Jones must be encouraged to understand the importance of social support and community services for older people. Such services will allow him to find new friends and supportive environment (Wills Ainette, 2012). Nurse would counsel patient to develop self-therapy of support and gaining confidence. Self-therapy is very important factor for an individual as it allows enhancing coping skills and communication skills with others (Wills Ainette, 2012). ISSUE FIVE Impaired physical mobility is also an issue for Mr. Jone, as he suffers from OA, due to which he is not able to move his knee and make frequent movements. Impaired physical mobility is characterized by pain, discomfort, and decreased muscle strength and activity intolerance. The goal of care is to improve physical mobility in patient. It also aims towards improving strength and function of whole body and encouraging behaviour that allow more physical activities. The first intervention would be evaluating and monitoring the pain and inflammation in the knee and bilateral wrists. Mr. Jones suffers from OA, due to which mobility has been reduced. Accessing the level of inflammation and pain would allow the nurse to understand the level of physical mobility of the patient and will help in preparing appropriate nursing interventions. Physical mobility of Mr. Jones is limited, thus CHSP service of transport can help him in going out and do shopping and managing healthcare appointments (Commonwealth Home Support Programme, 2015). Encouraging the use of walkers, and canes. Modifying the home according to the older people living. Encouraging independence is also important. Mr. Jones do not use appropriate mobility support machines or CPM machines. Mr. Jones must be encouraged to use machines as it helps in easy knee bending. Home support programs will be offered to Mr. Jones for increasing physical mobility by reducing various environmental factors. Home based program will have regular visits of nurse and physician. It will help patient to understand importance of physical mobility, and self assisting manuals (Bhatia, Bejarano, Novo, 2013). Patient should be educated about physical positions, change in position frequently, and use of pillows and sand bags. Regular change in physical position will help in increasing blood circulation, and will reduce pressure on tissues. It also facilitates self-care in patient and also reduces risk of spine injuries (Bhatia, Bejarano, Novo, 2013). ISSUE SIX Self care deficit could be another issue for Mr. Jones. Due to his limited mobility and pain he may not be able to take care of personal hygiene. Self care deficit is the problem where a patient is unable to complete hygiene activities. The goal of the nursing care plan will be encouraging hygiene and self care in patient to prevent any kind of physical complications and infections. Patient will be encouraged to understand the importance of self care and hygiene. It will help to avoid any kind of skin infections and diseases. Nurse would evaluate the patients ability to carry out important activities for maintaining their own health. CHSP services provide personal care to the elderly patients. This service includes assistance in bathing showering, hair care and going to toilet. Mr. Jones find difficulty in going to toilet, thus he can be benefited by this services of CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Programme, 2015). Nurse would monitor the patients capability to be able to demonstrate moderate self care abilities. Nurse would monitor physical ability of the patient. Monitoring the patients ability is important to understand the level up to which patient can be responsible for self care and keeping hygiene. Identifying the needs of the patient by direct communication and interaction with patient. According to the needs of the patient, nurse would be able identify the required care plan, such as wholly compensatory, partly compensatory or supportive and educative system. The care to the patient would be provided according to the degree or level of deficit. Identifying the exact reasons behind patient being self care deficit. Mr. Jones is alone and patient of OA. He does not have any social or emotional support. Thus, being self care deficit may involve pain and discomfort, thus, appropriate measure will be taken. References: Ahmed, T., Haboubi, N. (2010). Assessment and management of nutrition in older people and its importance to health.Clin Interv Aging,5(1), 207-16. 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Malcolm X, A Civil Rights Leader In The 1960s Believed That Blacks And

Malcolm X, a civil rights leader in the 1960's believed that blacks and whites should be segregated. He also believed that white man was evil and were trying to brainwash all blacks and that Martin Luther King's non-violent protests weren't working and that violence was needed for change. Malcolm X's life was a life with a lot of conflict and violence in it. Malcolm X was born under the name of Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. His father was a baptist minister and an outspoken follower of Marcus Garvey, the black nationalist leader of the 1920s who preached that all blacks should leave the US and go back to Africa. While Malcolm's father was away and Malcolm's mother was pregnant with Malcolm, a group of KKK members came to their house and told Mrs. Little to send out her husband. She came out of the house and stood where all the KKK could see that she was pregnant and told them that Mr. Little was in Milwaukee preaching. The KKK, disappointed, shouted threats and told them to leave town. After this they broke every window in the Little's home and left. When Mr. Little came home and heard what happened, he decided to move as soon a Malcolm was born to Lansing, Michigan. Here was where Malcolm's father died at the hand of the Black Legion (X 4-! 13). After Malcolm's father's death, his mother who had to take care of eight children and endure threats from the KKK, suffered a nervous breakdown. As a result, Malcolm and his siblings were taken by the welfare department. Malcolm was later enrolled in a reform school and did very well grade wise. He was the best student in his class and wanted to become a lawyer. When the school heads heard about this, they sent a person to talk to Malcolm. This person told and convinced Malcolm that he was black and that he could never become a lawyer because of it. As a result, he dropped out of after the eighth grade and moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he worked several different jobs. Soon, Malcolm became associated in a gang and sold and used drugs, and was involved in many other criminal activities. His gang career ended when he got into some trouble due to a bet with the gang leader. Since the gang wanted Malcolm killed, Malcolm hid for a while. Soon, Malcolm decid! ed to rob a house which he heard had a lot of valuables in it. Soon one night, he robbed the house, but was caught later. Malcolm was charged with burglary and sent to prison for a maximum of eight years of which he served six. This was a turning point in Malcolm's life. While in prison, Malcolm educated himself and became interested in the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm spent his time in jail educating himself and learning more about the Nation of Islam (later known as the Black Muslims). Their belief, which was contrary to Martin Luther King Jr.'s, mainly to was to segregated whites and blacks. The Nation of Islam wanted to establish a separate Afro-American homeland in the U.S. and believed that the white person is the Devil who wanted to enslave all non-whites. The Nation of Islam also strictly followed the Islamic belief. When Malcolm was released from prison after in 1952, he joined a temple in Detroit, and took the name Malcolm X. He took the name X because his present last name was the last name of the slave master who freed their slave and since the slave didn't know who their ancestors were, and therefore didn't know their real last name, they often took up the last name of their master. Many Muslims kept the name X because in math, X is represented as an unknown variable like their real last name. A person was to keep the name X until God himself gave them a holy name(Encarta 2). Soon after his release from jail, Malcolm worked for his oldest brother who managed a furniture store. While working, he also gave many speeches, and went fishing(fishing is when someone stands out on a sidewalk and hand out brochures and explained about their ideas of the Nation of Islam.) for new members for the Nation of Islam. He did this until he became an official spokesperson for them. After officially being excepted, Malcolm rapidly became an outstanding